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Wisent Day

Bieszczady are forests – this has been known for quite some time now. The forests are the greatest goods of this region, providing jobs for the residents and attracting tourists and those who love nature. With a thought about people working in and for the forest, the local community and those who admire Bieszczady’s natural environment, the Wisent Day is organised in Lutowiska.

The beginnings of this event can be traced to the company of members of the Association of the Bieszczady Nature Enthusiasts – a group of 12 people (including Elżbieta Dzikowska, Wojomir Wojciechowski, Tadeusz Budziński, Kajetan Perzanowski, and Włodzimierz Podyma), which decided to promote and reward people who contributed to the protection of the bison and the entire Bieszczady’s environment. For this purpose the statue of the Bieszczady Wisent was created.

The Wisent Day is a one day event, with a strong emphasis on cultural and educational aspects. Its main goal is to promote the Bieszczady’s natural environment and the achievements of the Forestry Services in the field of its protection. Bison Day is a perfect occasion for gathering of the people working in the forest (forestry service officers, hunters, woodcutters, scientists) and the enthusiasts of the Bieszczady’s wild forests, and undertaking a common dialogue on any subject relating to the forest and the wildlife.

The Wisent Day is the meeting of those who are truly passionate about the environment. Thanks to them we can still enjoy being in one of the most beautiful, rich in flora and fauna corners of Poland and Europe.

The event includes also shooting competition, lumberjack rivalry, hunting dog demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures and presentations. It is also a series of educational activities, aiming for increasing the awareness of the society on the uniqueness of the Bieszczady’s natural environment, and many additional cultural attractions, which guarantee an excellent fun throughout the whole day. 

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